10 People I Would Love to Meet

At first glance this probably looks like the most random list you have ever seen….When would you ever have entrepreneurs with athletes with actors with pastors with coaches? Well, apparently that is how my mind works. I picked these specific people because they each represent something that I am passionate about (entrepreneurship, sports, my faith, creativity & innovation).

  • Tina Seelig
  • Chris Guillebeau
  • Harry Shum Jr
  • Amber Rae
  • Tim Tebow
  • Randy Komisar
  • Steven Furtick
  • Urban Meyer
  • Wong Fu Productions
  • Bob Goff

I realize that most of you might not be able to relate to all of these people but I would encourage you to create your own list! What ten people would you most like to meet? After you have made your list take a minute and look for some of the commonalities. Why did you pick the people that you did and what specific characteristics do you admire about them?

Next, take a pack of post-its and write down each of these qualities and try to incorporate one new quality into your life each week. You may find that you are more like them than you realized.


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