Two weeks Until My World Race Begins!

Time seems to be rushing past me while at the same time standing still. Does that make sense?

As you may or may not know…in 2 weeks I will be preparing to leave the country for a year on a journey called The World Race. On January 4th I will be meeting up with my team and spending a few days in D.C. before flying out to Honduras. I am really starting to get anxious, nervous, scared, along with so many other emotions that I haven’t experienced in quite a while. I know that in the course of my entire life 11 months is simply a small piece but it will certainly be a challenge to acclimate myself to a new style of living. Meaning… living out of a 5o pound backpack for the year. Yes, that’s correct.

I don’t think that anyone would ever label me as “outdoorsy” so the process of buying airporters, footprints, backpacks, compression sacks, sleeping pads, and headlamps has been a unique experience. To be honest, I think that most of my friends and family are still shocked that I am doing this. As the girl who cried before going to summer camp…very few people could have foreseen that I would willingly be living out of a backpack for a year!

The countries that I will be living/working in include: Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, China & Philippines. Definitely shoot me an email or leave me a comment if you have ever lived or traveled to any of these countries. I would love to hear about your experience!

If you would like to read more about my upcoming adventure check out this link or visit my World Race blog

Here is my first attempt at packing! There is actually still some room in the pack but I’m still trying to decide what clothes I want to bring. Wish me luck on packing round 2!

To see my packing list check out my new WR Pinterest board



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