Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Start With Why


Most of you have probably heard of the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek. I read the book several years but I still love to look back at some of the key points and quotes that I took away from reading it.

I became obsessed with the concept of WHY, I was consumed by the idea of it. It was all I talked about. When I looked back to my upbringing, I discovered a remarkable theme. Whether among friends, at school or professionally I was always the eternal optimist. I was the one who inspired everyone to believe they could do whatever they wanted. This pattern is my WHY. To inspire. It didn’t matter if I was doing it in marketing or consulting. It didn’t matter what type of companies I worked with or in which industries I worked. To inspire people to do the things that inspired them, so that, together, we can change the world. That’s the path to which my life and my work is now completely devoted. Henry Ford would have been proud of me. After months of thinking I couldn’t. I knew I could.

I would challenge you to really put some thought into what is your own why? It can be so easy to read books like this and to rave about how good they are but to never actually put them into action in our own lives. I know that I am seriously guilty of this. I am such a reader but sometimes I just need to slow down and really process and reflect on what I’m reading.

What is your why?


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