Wednesday Words of Wisdom…Belated edition


One of the best books that I read in the past year was “The Great Work of Your Life” I wasn’t sure about it when I first saw the title but the reviews were so good that I couldn’t pass it up! There were honestly so many good quotes in this book that I wasn’t sure where to start, however, if you enjoy these quotes as much as I do maybe you can just go ahead and pick up the book.

Have you had periods in life where you leapt out of bed in the morning to embrace your day? Once this happens to you, once you live this way, even for a few hours, you will never really be satisfied with any other way of living. Everything else will seem wan and gray. Everything else will seem as Henry David Thoreau said, like a distraction

A life is built on a series of small course corrections-small choices that add up to something mammoth

You do not know how to act because you do not know who you are

Bringing forth what is within you is mostly about creating the right conditions

Check out the book here


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