Our Words Are Powerful

IMG_085911One of the important lessons that I’ve been learning this month is the impact of the way we speak to and about ourselves.

Most of us realize that we are our own worst critic, however it is rare that we actually take time to think through the consequences that our harshness can have on both our minds and bodies.

I’ve been trying to keep track of the things that I think about myself and I have started to wonder…how would I feel if someone was saying those same things about a close friend…a family member….or my fiancee?

Most of us would never speak to the people we love in the same manner that we speak to ourselves.

I challenge you to think through the past day or past week. What words do you use to speak to yourself? What is your tone? If you’re like me and it’s anything less than loving and forgiving…make yourself a promise to become more loving this week.

Take 5 minutes before you go to bed each day this week and speak loving and kind words over yourself…and if that’s not your thing…write them down in a notebook or journal.

If nothing else, you will go to sleep with a much more settled and peace filled mind.

Hope you have a beautiful Monday!

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