Wednesday Wisdom

kissesfromkatieAs most of you know…I love to read. I read this particular book a little over a year ago before I went on the World Race. It’s a true story and such a fun read about a young woman with a heart for Uganda. If you have any interest in Africa, missions, travel, or children….then you should definitely worth checking out!

Here are some great quotes from the book  Kisses From Katie!

Even though my parents had many concerns about my being in a third world country and were still determined for me to earn a college degree, they could not deny my passion for the work in Uganda. Because of their love for me, they were selfless enough to help me live my dream. Even if it didn’t match their dream for me

The idea that keeps returning to my mind is that I don’t need to be “fully prepared” ready, or perfect. I simply need to make myself available to be used

We have so much to learn. Are you living the type of life that you dreamed for yourself as a child?

I have come to the realization that I am somewhat of a nomad on this earth. I am learning to be ok with that. Human beings long for a place to call home, a nest, a sanctuary of their own. I have many and none

Have you ever been in a similar situation or is this something that you are facing right now? Are you struggling to make a decision or to follow the path that you know you want to take because you are unsure how the rest of the world will react? If so, spend a few minutes writing it all down and start to be honest with yourself about what you want for your life.

To learn more and check out her blog click here


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