The Lost Girls

Last week I finished reading one of the best books that I’ve read in a long time. The book is called “The Lost Girls” and follows the true story of 3 20-something women from NYC who leave their jobs and lives to travel the world for a year. As someone who recently returned  from a year-long journey myself, I found so many shared experiences throughout this book.

I continuously found myself smiling, laughing, nodding my head, and delighting in the fact that I could have so much in common with three women that I have never actually met.

When I was 21 I lived In Manhattan and I experienced the mixed truths of love and hate that most people feel for the city. While the city itself is incomparable, I can relate to the feeling of needing to get away…of feeling strangled, addicted, captivated, but also alone.

Paris, France

While I loved my 11 month 11 country adventure around the world, I can relate to the feeling of burnout and of desiring some semblance of stability. As much as I love traveling and seeing new places, I came to learn this past year that about a month is my ideal travel time. Beyond that, I start to feel as though I don’t appreciate my surroundings in the way that I want to and in the way that they deserve to be enjoyed.

Am I alone in this? If you’ve traveled for an extended period of time, do you find that you eventually reach burnout or could you just travel continuously?

The book ends with these amazing lines and I hope that after reading them you either nod your head in agreement or that they provoke you to try something new and unexpected!

“Though we can’t predict where the road ahead will lead, there’s one thing we know for certain: uprooting our lives to take an unconventional detour was one of the most challenging things we ever did, but the experience taught us that getting lost isn’t something to avoid but to embrace. The only leap of faith you’ll ever regret are the ones you don’t take.”

What leaps have you taken recently? What leaps do you need to take now?


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