What is your theme?

It’s so hard for me to believe that it’s already February! I’m sure that throughout the months of December and January you read so many articles, blogs, etc. about goal setting and what you are going to work on in the new year.

You may have set goals for yourself or maybe you thought about it but didn’t actually follow through. Either way it’s ok because February is a new month and a brand new start.

Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville, Florida

Do you have a theme for 2014? What is one word that describes what you want to accomplish or focus on this year? Maybe you want to be more present or you want to take more chances and do things that you might be afraid of?

I would encourage you to take 10 minutes right now and just think through what your theme or word is going to be if you don’t already have one. If you do have one, how have you been doing so far?

Are you holding yourself accountable or do you have someone else who can hold you accountable? If not, I would suggest finding someone. Having a community that can hold you to your goals and dreams is soo important! If you can’t think of anyone..send me an email telling me what you want your theme is (betsy.ramser@gmail.com).

After you have your theme, make yourself a note of your phone or calendar to check in with yourself at least once a week to gauge your progress.

Setting goals is great but what’s really important is the execution and follow through. I usually use Sunday night as my time to check in with myself and see what I’m doing well and where I could improve in the upcoming week!

Give it a try and let me know if this works for you!


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