Most of us don’t love every little thing that we do on a daily basis. However, how different would our lives look if we really did use each act of work as an expression of love? Would we actually start to appreciate the mundane? Would we suddenly start to enjoy things that before only brought us pain?

I won’t pretend to have all of the answers…but what I DO know if that the way that we approach a task can change everything!

Think about the work that is in front of you today. How can you start approaching it with an attitude of love?

What can you do differently in you work this week to really bring out the best that you have to offer. In what ways could you add just a little drop of creativity into your task/project or job and how would that alter everything else that you do?

Action step for the day: Take 10 minutes right now and think through either your current day or your day tomorrow. What is one way that you can show your love through the work that you do?

Make it a day that you can be proud of!

Photo taken from the book “Wealth Warrior” by Steve Chandler


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