Sometimes I hate the internet…

not always…but sometimes. My friends always tell me that I i’m the quirkiest person they know. When everyone else wants to go out…I would rather stay home.

While others enjoy running…I would prefer to hula hoop (although I still have a hard time believing that there are people in the world who truly do like to run).

Some people like sweets…but not me.

I would rather be eating a Clausen dill pickle with extra garlic. Maybe you’re reading this for the second time because you still can’t get over that there are people who don’t like eating sugar. But alas, it’s true.

I also hoard cheez-its and put garlic and olive oil in everything.

I get really really excited about meeting people from different states or from different parts of the world.

So, I don’t really hate the internet. But I do find that it’s an interesting bubble that makes it really difficult to always convey personality and tone.

When I’m writing I sometimes forget that we haven’t actually met in person. You don’t see my nervousness when meeting someone for the first time or the way that my leg shakes when I speak in front of a really large group.

However, now you do.

The best friends are the ones who are the most vulnerable, the most real, and ready to describe life exactly as they see it. I want to be less filtered and for you to see more of me in everything that I say, write, and do.

I want you to someday meet me in person and to feel as though I am exactly as you had imagined me to be.

So what about you?

How can you be more real or authentic with the people in your life? Is there a blog post that you’ve been dying to write but feel like you shouldn’t because you don’t know what people will think?

Is there a hard conversation that you need to have with someone?

If so, set a date and force yourself to do it.

Much love.



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