5 months after re-entry

El Salvador, Italy, & Bulgaria, 2013

El Salvador, Italy, & Bulgaria, 2013


I have been back in the U.S for about 5 months. After having lived in 11 countries in the period of 11 months, I constantly find myself itching for another adventure.

While I love living in the U.S….there is something so unique and exciting about trying something entirely new.

The thrill that comes with being in a new place for the first time.

The anticipation and nervousness.

Knowing that you are about to learn something new, or possibly many somethings.

I love the way that traveling makes me feel and I love who I am when I travel. I admire the woman who seems so much more fearless.

The person who for some reason is willing to try things that they probably wouldn’t at home.

The moment when you realize that someone else has a better or more efficient or possibly just different way of doing something in life.

I dream of these moments and I live for them.

I love sitting at home and thinking back to past adventures. Thinking through lessons I’ve learned. Processing mistakes I’ve made. Imagining how I would re-tell a story. Wondering what different people that I’ve met are doing at this very moment. Do they ever think of me too?

All of this…this is why I travel. Travel awakens my soul and makes me feel alive.

Why do you travel? How does it make you feel?

If you would like me to share more travel stories about my experience traveling to 11 countries in 11 months make sure to leave me a comment or send me an email at betsy.ramser@gmail.com.

I love to talk with fellow travelers…or simply anyone with wanderlust!

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Linked to the My Global Life Link-Up at SmallPlanetStudio.com




4 responses

  1. I so get this! Especially the “I love who I am when I travel” part – I feel the same way. (Although…I’ve been trying to be that person at home, too.) I’m always nervous before I hit the road but as soon as I’m on the plane (bus, train, car) everything clicks and it’s like I remember, oh yeah, THIS is who I am.

    And, yes, DO share stories from your 11 months in 11 countries! I’d love to hear them.

    Thanks for participating in the #MyGlobalLife link-up!


    • It’s so nice to connect with other fellow travelers! Thanks so much for the encouragement, Cate. I love being a part of the Small Planet Studio community and I can’t wait to keep sharing!


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