Before Happiness


Check out this amazing interview at Google with with author, Shawn Achor. Before Happiness is Shawn’s most recent book and he previously wrote a book called The Happiness Advantage. He’s done some really interesting research on happiness and he even teaches a course on happiness at Harvard.

In the interview Shawn is interviewed by Meng….who is probably better known as the “jolly Good Fellow” at Google. Meng’s humor alone makes the video worth watching.

Here are a few key notes/topics that are discussed in the video:

  • Happiness brings about success
  • Mirror neurons & motor neurons
  •  Calmness is contagious
  • Positive genuis
  • Only 25% of job success is predicted by how smart you are
  • Optimism
  • Social connection
  • How you relate to stress

Shawn has also done several TEDx talks which you can check out here and here


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