Saying Goodbye

We have just embarked on a new year and a new month. A time to say goodbye and start anew.

Let go of the old

Although there is really nothing special about January 1, most people view this ordinary day as a special chance to create some type of change in their lives.

One of the big goals that my husband and I have had for the past few months is to edit down our lives. To us, that means letting go of things that we don’t need or use.

For me, this has primarily meant a change in shopping habits.

A few months ago I made the decision to stop shopping…for an entire year. While it might seem unconventional or strange, I can say that it’s actually brought a wonderful feeling of freedom.

If we’re not careful, our possessions can start to control us and hold a power that they should never have.

I’ve found that the fewer items I have, the simpler my life becomes

And with simplicity comes peace and a lot of joy.

I’m not trying to convey that everyone needs to go out and sell everyone they own. However, if you have a feeling of restlessness that won’t seem to subside….maybe give it a try

so where to start?

1. find a trash bag

2. Fill the trash bag with clothes, shoes, anything that you don’t use but that someone else might want

3. Take the bag to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.

That’s it. Just start with one bag.


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