The key to living a life of adventure by Ginger Kern

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I wanted to share with you the TedX talk of my friend, Ginger Kern. I was actually first introduced to Ginger when she was living in Germany and I was living in Florida.

I quickly discovered that she has such a beautiful heart and a deep love for travel and in finding joy and adventure in everyday life.

She recently gave a TedX talk and I would highly suggest that you take 12 minutes out of your day today and check it out!

You won’t be disappointed. I know that many of you either love to travel or would like to incorporate more travel into your life.

However, regardless of whether you have yet to leave the country or have been to 100 countries, I hope you take the time to listen to what Ginger has to say and to incorporate some of her tips into your everyday life.


How can I be courageous?

How can I be more open?

I hope that you enjoy Ginger’s talk as much as I did!



Topography of Terror & Berlin Wall

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Travel Must Have’s Part 2

Travel Must Have's

NIKE activewear pants
$94 –

Fossil Passport Case

Old Navy plaid shawl

In addition to products, I also wanted to mention a few helpful travel resources.
What’s interesting is that these resources can be used in two ways whether you are in fact the traveler or if you are interested in making some extra money and providing a service for other travelers.
  1. AirBnB

I’ve used AirBnb both in the United States and abroad and have had a great experience each time that I’ve used it.

The hosts have always been very professional and the homes were impeccably well-kept and exactly as I had expected from the pictures.

  1. RelayRides

RelayRides is a relatively new service that is a similar service to Airbnb but for cars.

You can either loan out your own car or borrow someone else’s car and in some cities you can even pick up cars directly from the airport. To learn more about their airport rental services click here. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they seem to have this service available in most major airports around the U.S.

I think that it’s a really interesting concept and while I haven’t personally used this service, I would be interested in using it in the future if I would need to rent a car for a short period of time while I’m traveling in the U.S.

Have you tried either Airbnb or RelayRides? What has been your experience with them? Feel free to leave a comment?

Are there any other similar travel resources or products that you would recommend?

Travel Must Have’s Part 1

Travel Must Have's

Enza costa t shirt

TOMS flat
$55 –

Tech accessory

Garnier cosmetic
$22 –

Hi friends! I hope you enjoyed getting a quick look at some of my travel essentials. Check back on the blog this Thursday with Part 2 and more of my favorites!
The items above I used for either my 11 month trip in 2013 to Central America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia or my honeymoon to Europe in September 2014.
I will also be including a few ideas for travel resources that may be helpful.
What are some of your travel essentials?
Have you used any of the items that I listed?
If you have any questions about anything that was posted feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at

Top 5 places I would love to travel to


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