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photo-40_FotorScreenshot of my new Paper.li site

I recently made an amazing discovery online called Paper.Li. Through this website, you can create your own daily newspaper where you choose the type of content and the people who are featured. I decided to start my own which you can find by clicking here.

The content is very similar to what I love to post on this website and includes travel, adventure, books,  and inspiration.

I hope that the paper will be useful to you and that it will give you all a better idea of the things I love and where I go for inspiration and to learn something new.

On the website, Paper.Li is described as the easiest way to collect, publish, and share content on the web. The types of media range from articles, to photos, to videos.

Make sure to subscribe to daily updates by entering your email address on the top right-hand side of the page.

This has made it so much easier for me to stay up-to-date on all of my favorite bloggers, writers, and other people that I follow online. I find that it can often be overwhelming to stay current because there are so many interesting people to follow. However, I hope that you find this to be as simple and easy to use as I have.

A few of my favorite people that you can find on my page include: Amber Rae, Shauna Niequist, Bob Goff, Natalie Sisson, Tsh Oxenreider, and many other writers and travelers.

Also, I will be open to adding new hash tags or ideas to the page so feel free to leave a comment or send any ideas to me at betsy.ramser@gmail.com.

Have a wonderful day!


Monday adventures

Text by Kyle Steed from Words of Inspiration

Text by Kyle Steed from Words of Inspiration


What adventures can you add to your life this week? Take a weekend trip to somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go.

Try a new food or a new restaurant.

Take up some type of exercise or a sport that you haven’t done in years…or well…ever.

What you do doesn’t really matter as long as you give yourself the time to actually do it!

My adventure is to head out to California to visit my fiancee for two weeks. We haven’t seen each other since January so I know that we are both beyond thrilled to have two full weeks together!

For us, an adventure to San Francisco is in the works and maybe a trip to Palo Alto thrown in too!

It can be so easy to get ourselves into a rut and to sit around all weekend instead of doing something really special and memorable.

I know that I’m certainly guilty of that.

However, it really only takes one amazing weekend, one step forward to create a new and positive change.

I pray for peace and love for you all.

Have a wonderful week!

Let me know what adventures you have planned!

Much love,

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Hula Hoop…

hoopsupplies.comPhoto taken from hoopsupplies

You may or may not know that hula hooping is one of my favorite pastimes…. and here are 5 reasons why you should check it out too!

1. It’s fun. Plain and simple. When I tell people that hooping is my favorite form of exercise I always seem to get a smile or a laugh. For most people, hula hoops bring back wonderful memories from childhood. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had someone say “wow, I haven’t hula hooped in years.”

2. It’s a great workout. Exercise is really all about movement. Moving the body keeps your heart rate up and while it might not be the most common form, it is nonetheless still a form of exercise.

3. You can multitask while doing it. Whether you enjoy watching t.v., movies, or listening to music or a podcast…hooping allows you to get a workout while still indulging in the fun things you enjoy. It also gives you a great excuse to catch up on your favorite t.v. show.

4. It’s inexpensive. Compared to a gym membership or large workout equipment, the only cost involved is the hoop itself.

5. Your abs will thank you. Period.

I was first introduced to hooping by my college roommate but even years later I am still doing it. If you are interested in finding a great hoop I would recommend hoopsupplies.com which is where I purchased my own hoop. Happy hooping!

One Night in Bangkok

I listened to this song about 10 times yesterday! It’s so catchy! I actually didn’t even know I had it on my Itunes until it started playing….

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