June trip to California

I thought that I would give you a brief glimpse into my recent trip to northern California.

Josh and I had the most amazing time and were able to make several trips to San Francisco.

We also met up with a few of our friends including a friend from grad school that I hadn’t seen since we graduated several years ago.

photo 4-1_Fotor_Collage22

Left: Stanford University Middle Top: San Francisco Middle Center: Key Lime Cheesecake in Palo Alto, CA Middle Bottom: Longburger in San Franciso Right: Shabu Japanese Fondue, Sacramento, CA

photo 4-3_Fotor_Collage

Obviously, a day trip would not be complete without at least one cup of coffee. I enjoyed trying Ritual coffee for the first time and tasting my favorite (Oakland Coffee Roasters) for the first time in 2 years!

photo 4-1_Fotor_Collage

Our long awaited engagement photos…

photo 5-133_Fotor_Collage222

Although it seemed like we were always doing something and running from place to place, I still found time to start reading a great book called Love, Skip, Jump. We also had a great time skyping with two of our best friends Jah-Jah and Sydney.



5 Ways to live a more vibrant life

Photo taken in Ireland

Photo taken in Ireland


While each of these concepts may seem really simple…they are probably not things that we are doing every single day.

1. Be very mindful of what you put in your body

The food that you eat has such a big impact on everything that you do. Until I was in grad school, I wasn’t as careful about what I ate and I often found myself feeling lethargic and depleted of energy.

As I started to include more fruits and particularly more veggies into my diet, my demeanor and attitude changed as well. I had energy that I had not had in years and I overall felt so much better and more confident with myself.

2. Take your sleep seriously

Getting enough sleep can either either make or break your entire day. If you wake up exhausted it makes it so much more difficult to be productive the rest of the day.

Lack of sleep can also make it more difficult for your body to fight diseases. I know from my own experiences that during times in my life where I wasn’t sleeping well…I almost always seemed to pick up some type of cold, flu, or other sickness.

3. Spend some time outside

Even a 5 minute break at several points throughout the day will leave you feeling so much more refreshed.

I also find a 10-20 minute walk at least a few days a week to be really helpful. A walk is also a great time to either reflect on your day or think through what you want to do that day or week without the technological distractions that are usually with us.

4. Love. Love. Love

This could be either taking time to indulge in a hobby, game, or activity that you love or spending more time with a person or people that you love.

You probably won’t remember the hours that you spent in front of the tv but you will certainly remember the fun times and experiences that you had with the people that you love.

5. Start reading

Without a doubt…reading is one of my favorite things in the world. I could sit in a room with a stack of books and be happy all day long.

Most of the time I read non-fiction and inspirational books but once in a while I get in the mood to read a beautiful story or tale.

Whatever it is that speaks to you, make more time in your day or week to read the books that speak truth and love into your life.

Pick at least one of the 5 tips above and think about how you can incorporate it into your life or the life of your family? Let me know how it goes and leave me a comment below!

Have a wonderful week!

Also, I’m still looking for a few more interviews or guest posts for the blog. If you are either currently living or traveling abroad or have in the past…send me an email at betsy.ramser@gmail.com and I would love to feature you on the blog!

My new cure for fast and productive traveling…


Sometimes flying can be a challenge for me. I absolutely love to read but I find that reading on planes and cars often makes me nauseous or gives me a headache.

I then discovered that movies and tv shows were a great alternative…but I still longed for something slightly more productive than watching 4 straight hours of Survivor (yes, I did that on a flight a few weeks ago).

And then…I found podcasts. I have since been hooked and can’t wait to download more when I fly in June.

Podcasts used to overwhelm me because there are so many options and there was always something new that I wanted to try out.

But through some trial and error…I’ve found quite a few that I listen to at least a few times a month and some that I even listen to every week.

Here are a few of my current favorites (including the ones I listened to on my most recent flight)

The Lively Show with Jess Lively

With Purpose Podcast

Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields

Small Planet Studio

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

(In addition to the links to each website, each of these podcasts can be found on ITunes)

If you’re not sure which one or ones you might like…here is some addition info. If you have an interest in travel…check out Small Planet Studio or The Suitcase Entrepreneur

If you want overall inspiration on living a better and more inspired life…check out the With Purpose podcast or the Good Life project.

For tips about business or if you’re thinking about starting a business, I would recommend The Lively Show or The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

I personally love all 5 but it just depends on what your interests are and what you’re looking for!

I hope this is helpful and if you would like to listen to a podcast subject that wasn’t mentioned or if you would like additional recommendations…feel free to leave a comment or send me an email betsy.ramser@gmail.com

I would love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day

The not so glamourous side of living your story

The idea of living out a better story can sound and feel really romantic and exciting.

We love the idea of it and when we think of a grand story we often picture amazing adventures, exciting love stories, and unconcealed bliss and unending happiness.

My hometown, 2012

My hometown, 2012

However, a great story doesn’t really require any of those things.

There are often days where I have no desire to write at all or else I have days where the writing process is so difficult for me and I never even start.

But it’s nice to know that I am not alone. As I continue to read more and more…I find that the struggle of the writing process is more of the norm than I had realized.

We all have days where we have to practically force our bodies into the chair to get anything at all accomplished.

We have to make ourselves put our Iphone on the other side of the room while we are working.

We have to take a moment to close our eyes and still and minds and hope and pray that something or at least one helpful word will come forth.

But it comforts me to know that I am not alone.

I finished a book called “A million little ways” by Emily P. Freeman. In the book, she goes through her own writing process and some of the struggles that she faces.

Another book that helped me with actually sitting down to do the work was “The war of art” by Steven Pressfield.

However, I don’t think that any of what I just said solely applies to writing. I think it applies to each and every one of our stories. Understanding that the overall story can be grand and still have a lot of bad days in it.

Lot’s of days where we feel like we accomplished very little.

Days where we weren’t as kind to our kids or our best friend as we should have been.

Days where we said something that we can’t really take back.

Days where fear gets in the way and keeps us from moving forward.

None of our favorite stories or movies are filled with perfect people. And that’s one of the reasons why we love them! We love watching the main character grown and change from the beginning to the end. And that’s the same for you as well.

None of us is perfect…and that’s the beauty of humanity and the fact that we have a story to live in the first place.

Allow the imperfections to tell part of your story and use that to drive you to the person you want to be.




Where Would You Go?

Image Text from Charity Water

Image Text from Charity Water

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