What I Do


I help smart, passionate 20-something women create change in their lives through their stories

We each have a story, a story that is uniquely our own and that is waiting to be told and written through each and every day that we are alive

What do you want that story to look like for you? Maybe you’ve never even thought about your life as a story? That’s ok.

Bari, Italy April 2013

Bari, Italy April 2013

I don’t want to see you simply exist, but to live a life that you lit up by whether that’s though a business idea, your day job, or a hobby.

What is it that most makes you come alive and want to say “YES”?

If any of this resonates with you subscribe to this site, check out the resources page, the work with me page, and fill out the contact form below for a chat session about your goals and what you would like to do! 


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